New products

    IN TOUCH Female mannequins

    Dedicated to restoring the lost contact with the physical world, emotions and other people.

    INDIVIDUAL REALISTIC Female mannequins

    INDIVIDUAL – our newest collection is all about the body. It’s anatomic lines, sensual curves and natural colors. The shapes are prolonged and smooth, underline gentleness end feminity of the model. INDIVIDUAL is a highly personal collection,...

    ONE CLASSIC Female mannequins

    Semi-abstract collection, created with good taste and classic shapes in mind. Simplicity at its best. Carefully designed gestures and poses make the mannequins interact with each other so that they can form a coherent group display. We designed...

How to choose mannequins?

When choosing mannequins it is important to consider the style and layout of the shop; colours, structures and overall design. It is necessary for all the elements to be in a visual harmony.

Preferably, mannequins placed in the shop window should be chosen from the same collection although they could still vary in colours or positions.

The current trend is to present mannequins in white.

Mannequins which present clothes inside of the shop do not have to be from one certain collection but preferably mannequins displaying clothes in the shop window should be.

You should also consider mannequins both in the shop window and inside the shop.

Try to make your mannequins clearly visible as the customer wants to see the whole idea of the garment put together and accessorised by the stylist.

 At present the most favoured mannequins are of abstract shape, and they come in both gloss or matt finish. This means it is easy to transform their unique style and character through stylish wigs or seasonal changes in fashion.

abstract shop mannequins female