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    IN TOUCH Female mannequins

    Dedicated to restoring the lost contact with the physical world, emotions and other people.

    INDIVIDUAL REALISTIC Female mannequins

    INDIVIDUAL – our newest collection is all about the body. It’s anatomic lines, sensual curves and natural colors. The shapes are prolonged and smooth, underline gentleness end feminity of the model. INDIVIDUAL is a highly personal collection,...

    ONE CLASSIC Female mannequins

    Semi-abstract collection, created with good taste and classic shapes in mind. Simplicity at its best. Carefully designed gestures and poses make the mannequins interact with each other so that they can form a coherent group display. We designed...

When did the first mannequins appear?

Fashion dolls appeared in the middle of the 19th century with the development of department stores during the industrial revolution. First and foremost, wax was the carrier material, but it melted at higher temperatures. Such dolls also weighed up to 130 kg! In the 40s, Wolf&Vine designed...


Inspired by diversity

The fashion industry has always dictated ideals of beauty. They have deviated from each other over the years, but one thing remains unchanged - people's striving for them. But is there another way?


Traditional vs Non Traditional

Are we evolving our view on the Christmas themes? Ushering in a new era of visual displays for the festive season? We’ve picked our favourites for 2015 on both sides of the spectrum.


Arranging the mannequins - composition

Learn more about some rules of a composition. A good arrange of mannequins can make that your store window will attract eyes.


Choosing the right pose

When arranging a window display it is important to choose mannequins in a variety of poses, this will give the consumer the ability to create a relationship with them. Furthermore when choosing your mannequins it is important to make sure the pose you choose is suitable for your specific shops...


How to choose mannequins?

When choosing mannequins it is important to consider the style and layout of the shop; colours, structures and overall design. It is necessary for all the elements to be in a visual harmony. Preferably, mannequins placed in the shop window should be chosen from the same collection although they...

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