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Zero Waste in the fashion industry


What is Zero Waste?

It is impossible today to reduce waste production to zero. The Zero Waste movement advocates less waste in everyday life and is based on 5 rules of thumb:


  •        Refuse - minimalist living
  •        Reduce - reducing consumption
  •        Reuse - reusing things
  •        Recycle - sorting und upcycling waste
  •        Rot - composting waste, if possible


Fur from plants, shoes from jeans

The fashion industry is often associated with waste of resources. Every season, new collections are launched on the market, which is associated with increasing energy consumption, among other things. All the more important are voices like Stella McCartney's. The fashion designer has been advocating more sustainability in this industry for years and recently revolutionised the fashion world with a completely recyclable fur made from vegetable fibres. Its production uses 30% less energy.

ONE Male collection

The world-famous fashion brand Converse is also committed to the environment and has recently started offering its customers a shoe line - Converse Renew - made from recycled plastic bottles, cotton, polyester and jeans.

Zero Waste Shop Window

In the production of mannequins, robust materials are used which guarantee a long-term effect. An interesting solution are female and male mannequins made of recyclable polyurethane foam, glass fibre plastics which can be reused in the cement industry or which are made with natural wood elements. Also, thanks to 3D modelling, less waste is produced than years ago when a model was first designed by hand. The result is a window display that will delight your eyes for years to come.