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    ICON CLASSIC is a collection of realistic female mannequins for demanding customers....

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Shop window in Eco Style

In order to attract the attention of customers to a shop window, it must be redecorated again and again. But this produces a lot of rubbish. How do you design an eye-catching and environmentally friendly shop window?

New life for old things

Old things can be reused as decoration of the shop window. There are many upcycling ideas that will make you conjure up an original decoration. Let yourself be inspired by the Swedish furniture! Ikea had its customers build children's rockets from cardboard boxes, and so the boxes were given a second life. With a little creativity, skill and color, they can transform redundant carton into environmentally friendly decorative elements and use them as window decorations.





Any other ideas? From old records you can create a background in vintage style, old books can be painted or used for origami... The rule of thumb is: start with what you already have!

Jungle in the shop window

This is a time-consuming and laborious idea with the WOW effect. A flowery meadow or a beautiful garden in the shop window will certainly become an eye-catcher. However, a decoration made of natural plants is only suitable for shop windows with daylight.

Neutral colors and fabrics

A combination of earthy tones, gaudy accents and natural materials such as linen, cotton, wood and recycled paper emphasizes the eco-style of your shop window. An interesting solution are also e.g. male and female mannequins from the OLD MODERN line. The mannequins are made of different materials, including wood and linen, which emphasize the natural character of the shop window and together with light fiberglass guarantee the product's durability.