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Perfect jeweller's showcase in 3 easy steps

If you run a jewelry store, you probably know that exhibiting jewelry effectively is not an easy task. In contrast to clothing, many small elements are not immediately noticeable. But just as with clothing, you need a concept to create a harmonious overall picture. What do you need to keep in mind?

Stands and space planning

Unlike in the case of an ordinary shop window, you don't need female and male mannequins. However, practical counter displays and space planning are important. Dedicated stands allow you to save space in the showcase and show more goods. Necklaces and bracelets can be impressively presented with the help of hands and heads made of fibreglass or wood. Stands in original shapes such as wooden trees, wire installations or geometric figures are also well suited for a thematic exhibition.




It is also important to separate individual collections from each other. So plan a few showcases where you can display precious jewellery such as engagement rings, wristwatches, children's jewellery and special collections separately. This helps the customer to have a clear overview of the entire range.

Shine bright like a diamond!

Lighting makes the jewellery shine beautifully. Place your items on glass showcases with built-in LED lighting that is similar to daylight and does not distort the colour of the jewellery. It is also an energy-saving solution.

Everything in moderation

Less is more - this rule can also be applied in this case. To avoid the kitschy effect of a market stall, limit yourself to a smaller quantity of goods and change your collection regularly.