New products

    IN TOUCH Female mannequins

    Dedicated to restoring the lost contact with the physical world, emotions and other people.

    TOM BOY Children mannequins

    TOM BOY - kids with attitude. Active poses and dynamic gestures inspired by school activities and sports. Original, non-standard poses show the kids’ unique and age-appropriate characters: from ambitious to stubborn, from nerdy to rebellious.

    ICON CLASSIC Female mannequins

    ICON CLASSIC is a collection of realistic female mannequins for demanding customers. Soaring silhouettes inspired by divas from the 1920s and 30s allow you to look at the classics again - as a source of ultra-femininity, incredible expression and...

    INDIVIDUAL Female mannequins

    INDIVIDUAL – our new collection is all about the body. It’s anatomic lines, sensual curves and natural colors. The shapes are prolonged and smooth, underline gentleness end feminity of the model. INDIVIDUAL is a highly...

    ONE ABSTRACT Female mannequins

    Our ONE  ABSTRACT collection is perfect for casual boutiques. The distinctive feature of the series is the abstract head and simple, minimalist positions.

MORE Eco: Another step towards sustainable production

Environment is an important topic for us. Since 2019 we’ve been launching our strategy for more eco-friendly solutions in the production and the entire selling process. The MORE Eco strategy consists of 5 steps. One of them is our new collection of mannequins IN TOUCH.

IN TOUCH with the Environment

What makes the brand’s new line so special? It’s the environmentally friendly material, which the mannequins are made of. The male and female mannequins in this collection are made of PU and ABS.

Advantages and disadvantages of PU and ABS

PU (polyurethane) and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) are much more environmentally friendly than fibreglass.

PU has the same impact on the environment after production as the raw material, with ABS the impact of the final product is even half as low.

Products made of PU and ABS are also very robust. So once you have bought a mannequin you can use it for years.

They can also be recycled, renovated and reused.

Mannequins made of PU are heavier than those made of fibreglass, but their weight guarantees a better stability of the figures.

The production of ABS mannequins can be easily automated. Although the mould is more expensive, the price of the final product is lower. This allows us to produce more mannequins in a shorter time and at a lower price without harming the environment.

What does the future hold? The change to nature-conscious production is our objective for the next years. By 2023, 90% of our mannequins will be made of PU and ABS.