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How to create a dynamic shop window in sport store?

Now that the New Year's Eve party has ended, the time has come to make good resolutions for the New Year. An ideal figure and healthy living are the most popular New Year's resolutions. Fitness centers are becoming overcrowded and the same applies to professional sports shops - it’s a good moment to arrange your store in an interesting way to attract more customers.

Focus on dynamics

Sports activities stand for a dynamic lifestyle, so your shop window must also attract the attention of passers-by in an exciting way.




collection of sports mannequins


Firstly, you rely on color accents that are associated with motivation, vitality and energy, as well as spreading a positive mood. These include yellow, red and orange.

Secondly, you should provide mannequins that show your sportswear stand in active positions on slightly more muscular figures. Mannequins that match casual fashion become too static for sportswear. Female and male mannequins in dynamic poses from the CARDIO collection present different sports.

Among the slender figures with marked body lines are swimmers, runners and footballers, which can be easily combined with matching sports accessories. The wide offer allows the grouping and interaction of the individual mannequins, which emphasizes the dynamics in the shop window.

Well thought-out sales area planning

It is a good idea to divide the sales area into smaller sections dedicated to different sports. This makes it easier to keep track of things and offers a possibility to place the mannequins directly next to the products inside the shop. In a large store, it is also possible to arrange an area where customers can try out the accessories before buying.