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  • ICON CLASSIC Female mannequins

    ICON CLASSIC is a collection of realistic female mannequins for demanding customers....

  • INDIVIDUAL Female mannequins

    INDIVIDUAL – our new collection is all about the body. It’s...

  • ONE ABSTRACT Female mannequins

    Our ONE  ABSTRACT collection is perfect for casual boutiques. The distinctive...

  • ONE MALE CLASSIC mannequins

    Our ONE MALE CLASSIC collection is a series of simple mannequins with minimalist poses,...

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    Our brand new collection of sports mannequins, fibreglass figures in dynamic poses....

Eye-catching shop window in 2 easy steps

Do you need to freshen up your shop window? You don’t have to redesign it completely. Sometimes it's enough to make a few changes to give your display a new look.


A new hairstyle can completely change a mannequin. Wigs made of natural hair were already known in Antiquity and were also worn by men. Their biggest popularity, however, fell in the 17th and 18th centuries thanks to the French king Louis XIV. Covered with a layer of perfumed powder, they decorated the most important heads of state. Those made of natural hair were and still are very expensive. Nowadays, synthetic fibres are also used – they are durable and inexpensive. MORE Mannequins Easy Brush wigs can be combed and give a natural effect. The range of models also allows each mannequin to be styled at will, to tailor its look to the style of the collection.



If you want your mannequins to look as realistic as possible, make-up is a vital element of the mannequin. Long eyelashes, full lips, girly freckles, reddened cheeks - sky is the limit! Hand-painted make-up of female mannequins is an art in itself. In addition, specialists from MORE Mannequins make-up studio are able to put even the most original customer ideas into practice. In addition to traditional make-up, mannequins' faces can be decorated with extravagant and tailor-made motifs such as tattoos, ornaments and prints. They are also suitable for male mannequins in abstract style. Such a display is certainly not to be missed.