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  • ICON CLASSIC Female mannequins

    ICON is a unique collection inspired by the idea of ultra femininity and universal...

  • INDIVIDUAL Female mannequins

    INDIVIDUAL gives the collection an touch of traditional fashion tailoring - its long,...

  • ONE ABSTRACT Female mannequins

    Our ONE  ABSTRACT collection is perfect for casual boutiques. The distinctive...

  • ONE MALE CLASSIC mannequins

    Our ONE MALE CLASSIC collection is a series of simple mannequins with minimalist poses,...

  • SPORT mannequins

    Our brand new collection of sports mannequins, fibreglass figures in dynamic poses....

From draft to the finishing touches

Shop window mannequins have come a long way. Originally produced from wax, they have now become a field of application for new technologies while wax dolls are nowadays more associated with wax figure cabinets by Madame Tussaud. How are modern mannequins produced?


More than a mannequin

Some mannequins look like they're alive. What if they could actually see? World-renowned fashion brand Benetton introduced mannequins a few years ago that watched the customers using EyeSee technology. The cameras integrated into the shop-window mannequins' eyes continuously analyzed the behavior...


Timeless like MAGNOLIA, classic like ROME

Marilyn Monroe is said to have once said that true beauty is timeless. The realistic design, tender facial features and discreet make-up of the mannequins from the MAGNOLIA line radiate timeless feminine beauty. The mannequins seem to be deceptively similar to a real woman and fit perfectly e.g....


Stylish presentation of men's fashion

Would you like to introduce your customers to tailor made suits and shirts? Or just everyday clothes? Not every mannequin fits every style and those who believe that men do not care how clothing is presented are mistaken. That is why it is so important to make male mannequins fit the style.


When did the first mannequins appear?

Fashion dolls appeared in the middle of the 19th century with the development of department stores during the industrial revolution. First and foremost, wax was the carrier material, but it melted at higher temperatures. Such dolls also weighed up to 130 kg! In the 40s, Wolf&Vine designed...


Inspired by diversity

The fashion industry has always dictated ideals of beauty. They have deviated from each other over the years, but one thing remains unchanged - people's striving for them. But is there another way?


Traditional vs Non Traditional

Are we evolving our view on the Christmas themes? Ushering in a new era of visual displays for the festive season? We’ve picked our favourites for 2015 on both sides of the spectrum.

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