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  • ICON CLASSIC Female mannequins

    ICON CLASSIC is a collection of realistic female mannequins for demanding customers....

  • INDIVIDUAL Female mannequins

    INDIVIDUAL – our new collection is all about the body. It’s...

  • ONE ABSTRACT Female mannequins

    Our ONE  ABSTRACT collection is perfect for casual boutiques. The distinctive...

  • ONE MALE CLASSIC mannequins

    Our ONE MALE CLASSIC collection is a series of simple mannequins with minimalist poses,...

  • SPORT mannequins

    Our brand new collection of sports mannequins, fibreglass figures in dynamic poses....

Shop window in Eco Style

In order to attract the attention of customers to a shop window, it must be redecorated again and again.


How to create a dynamic shop window in sport store?

Now that the New Year's Eve party has ended, the time has come to make good resolutions for the New Year.


The art of the shop window

At the beginning of the 20th century mannequins looked like expressionless dolls. Nobody would have thought of them as works of art - the shop window was only meant for marketing purposes. Now the situation has changed.


Perfect jeweller's showcase in 3 easy steps

If you run a jewelry store, you probably know that exhibiting jewelry effectively is not an easy task. In contrast to clothing, many small elements are not immediately noticeable. But just as with clothing, you need a concept to create a harmonious overall picture. What do you need to keep in mind?


Eye-catching shop window in 2 easy steps

Do you need to freshen up your shop window? You don’t have to redesign it completely.


Zero Waste in the fashion industry

It is impossible today to reduce waste production to zero.


From draft to the finishing touches

Shop window mannequins have come a long way. Originally produced from wax, they have now become a field of application for new technologies while wax dolls are nowadays more associated with wax figure cabinets by Madame Tussaud. How are modern mannequins produced?

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