We offer a large selection of upper bodies and mannequin torsos for shops and display windows. Our collection of female, male and kids upper bodies can be used for displaying fashion and sports, as well as accessories.


Our torsos are specially prepared forms, not just mannequin parts without legs and arms. Among other things, their advantages lie in their ease of use, as they are not as heavy as complete mannequins and can easily be carried by one person. They are also perfect for small-dimension displays.

Modern or vintage?

The base of the torsos is always made of easy to shape robust and lightweight fiberglass. We offer torsos in different colors, from mat white to your desired color. You can also choose from a varied collection of faces and heads. Other materials include wrapped in light cotton fabric, which is pleasant to touch and gives the mannequins a certain warmth. The special feature of these mannequins are the carefully made wooden hands and arms. Our vintage torsos also have wooden hands and arms, while the body is made of fiberglass. The shoulders are made of brown plastic. The whole torso including the neck cap is wrapped in light cotton fabric with clearly visible seams.

The versatility of torsos

Each torso can be provided with a metal stand on request. You determine the height of the stands so that the mannequin fits your needs perfectly. Finally, due to the lower overall height, the mannequin can be mounted on pedestals both within the store and in the shop windows. Therefore, the torsos of our mannequins perfectly complement your products.

Torsos from the ATELIER collection are known for their elegance, chic, refinement and attention to detail. Even if you place just one piece on the display case or in the store, you can create an astounding composition.

Female, male and kids torsos in our 100 BASIC collection are of great quality, easy design and attractive value. The headless torsos are available in version 3/4 and 1/3 and with different hands setting. Torsos from the 110 CASUAL collection with abstract heads have dynamic poses perfect for modern clothing.

120 TORSO collection is a modern approach to retro. Male and female mannequins with visible stiches are made of natural, eye-catching materials in different colors with beautiful, bendable wooden arms. If you are looking for unique and vintage TORSOS with an artistic twist, 120 collection is for you.

Torsos are also a perfect way of displaying female underwear. 130 LINGERIE is a collection of simple bust forms designed for lingerie presentation. Our lingerie torsos have full, feminine shapes and differ in dimensions of the bra. BOUDOIR COLLECTION on the other hand is a modern take on lingerie presentation. It has a sensual, intimate touch thanks to pastel colours, soft materials, and combinations of plush, wood and lightweight fiberglass. Our new lingerie collection gives a refined elegance to any lingerie range.

140 TAILOR BUST is a collection of beautiful vintage busts for male, female and kids on a wooden stand, offered in different colors and materials. This special collection gives any garment a personal touch of handmade, refined quality.