In our offer we have selection of mannequins for special occasions. They are suitable for clients with a precise vision, who look for something more specific than standard shapes and poses. In the SPECIALTIES section you will find what you need.

PACKSHOT COLLECTION is a line created in response to increasing popularity of online shops. The mannequins are easy to photograph and designed especially for packshot photoshoots.

We created the PLUS SIZE line of mannequins to help the customers identify more easily with the figures on shop displays. Also more shops are making the decision to have PLUS SIZE mannequins alongside the size 8 mannequins.

In MATERNITY COLLECTION we have three mannequins specially designed for displaying pregnancy clothes: realistic, in the skin tone, stylized in white matt and white matt without the head.

Mannequins from COLLECTION 12 have voluminous shapes, inspired poses and beautifully present size 12 clothes – because shoppers want to see mannequins which resemble their looks and figures – perfect, unattainable ideals are no longer enough.

Our new, exciting line of SPORT mannequins offers male and female figures in dynamic poses, suitable for all kind of leisure (yoga, stretching and hiking), active sports (running, swimming) and seasonal activities (skateboarding, cycling, nordic walking).

SHAPED is a bold collection of women's mannequins inspired by the diversity and beauty of the female body. The collection consists of six different female figures in natural, loose poses that boldly break the cannon of “zero size” silhouettes on the shopping displays.

On your request we also prepare TAILOR MADE mannequins, with endless possibilities of creative finishes, limited only by your imagination: artistic painting, tattoos, elderly, manggha, punk, robot etc. as well as custom colors, materials, shapes and poses. We will gladly help you know fit the mannequins into your store composition, so that the shop looks unique and gets remembered by customers.