The mannequins offered on the market today are deceptively similar to the human figure, which is their great advantage. The eco-friendly HOF3 female silhouette mannequin is eye-catching with its model silhouette and pose. The slightly raised hands make the silhouette light and subtle. On the one hand, the pose is classic, placed in front of the viewer. On the other hand, it hides an artistic expression of feminine delicacy.

The HOF3 female mannequin combines tradition and modern materials. The display allows for a wide range of customization, which is conducive to creative brands for which refined visual merchandising is an important presentation of the collection on display windows or inside the atelier.

It stands out from other available mannequins. It emphasizes the quality of the styling from the premium shelf. It delights viewers with a combination of modernity and classic trends, combined with ecology and style. This is an unusual solution for boutique brands that are looking for something more than classic mannequins - they want to present their stylizations on the highest quality displays that complement their creation.

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Height193 cm / 76"
Bust80 cm / 31,5"
Waist63 cm / 23,8"
Hips84 cm / 33"

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The HOF3 female silhouette mannequin can be made in any color. There are several finishes to choose from, including a matt or light gray retro look. Noteworthy is the above-average height of the figure and elongated limbs, which positively affect the display of the styling.

The female mannequin is 193 cm high, but nevertheless it is very easy to position even for a person who is just starting his adventure with the VM profession. The contemporary image of the mannequin is emphasized by an abstract, smooth face that is in line with the latest trends in exhibition creations.

Eco- friendly female mannequin characteristic

Most importantly, you can order the HOF3 female mannequin in an ecological version, among others from PET bottles, bio corn resin, paper and rice glue. It's the perfect way to highlight your brand's contribution to sustainable fashion. Eco materials from which we produce mannequins allow for easy recycling, and the production itself is carried out with the smallest possible carbon footprint, which we reduce by up to 90%.

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