Nowadays, mannequins no longer resemble their counterparts from a decade ago. In our company, we have designed it for modern and conscious brands who want to present their stylizations on ecological mannequins, in accordance with the assumptions of sustainable fashion, for which caring for the natural environment is part of the conscious policy of the company.

The current HOF1 mannequin displays a feminine slim silhouette in a simple, minimalist pose. It exudes strength and self-confidence. On the one hand, the display is quite high, measuring 193 cm, on the other hand, it delights with its lightness and style. It allows you to achieve delightful arrangement effects in a short time - even among novice VM specialists.

A feminine silhouette will be perfect for presenting exclusive feminine stylizations, made of natural materials, but not necessarily. This is a proposal for boutique and premium brands that value attention to detail.

The set includes a square metal base with a barely noticeable ampoule screw that allows the VM to work freely, and a compartment in the inner part of the torso dedicated to the ampoule key and gloves, so that they are always available.

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Height193 cm / 76"
Bust80 cm / 31,5"
Waist63 cm / 23,8"
Hips84 cm / 33"

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The latest visual merchandising trends

You can adjust the modern HOF1 mannequin to your brand's vision. We enable a wide range of customization. From the choice of the finishing method (white matt or light gray RAL), to any color. The mannequin's face is simple, abstract - it fits perfectly into the latest visual merchandising trends. The mannequin allows you to put on flaps and mount the bag on a special hook in the right hand.

Innovative female eco mannequin

Most importantly, you can order the HOF1 female mannequin in an ecological version, among others from PET bottles, bio corn resin, paper and rice glue. It's the perfect way to highlight your brand's contribution to sustainable fashion. Eco materials from which we produce mannequins allow for easy recycling, and the production itself is carried out with the smallest possible carbon footprint, which we reduce by up to 90%.

Best ecological mannequins - available for constant sale

The HOF1 mannequins we offer are available in continuous sale. You don’t have to wait for weeks for the ecological version - it is available all the time, in our warehouse. Do you want to emphasize the care for ecology and details in your boutique? Contact our sales manager, we will process the order in a few days.

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