Mannequins are an indispensable part of any clothing store. Their task is not only to properly present the clothing, but also to attract the attention of the future customer and encourage him to enter to the store and to better get to know the brand. Visual marchendising is an important element of any self-respecting fashion brand. A well-chosen composition of the set of clothes will allow you to create an interesting style that will attract the attention of your future customers. Mannequins set up in shop windows are of particular importance. It is said that they are the most important, because with the help of the set of right chosen, good clothes they can bring a random person to the store.

When choosing your perfect mannequin for the store, it is worth following the current trends and taking into account the protection of the environment. It is worth taking care of the common good and thinking about providing yourself with mannequins made of ecological materials, the production of which does not endanger the natural environment.

If you are involved in fashion, you certainly know that sustainable fashion is about more than ethical production and choosing ecological materials. If your brand's philosophy is to care for the environment, pay attention to the environment in which you present your collections. Eco-friendly mannequins are the future of visual merchandising. They impress with aesthetics, are durable and can be recycled. Their production is characterized by a lower carbon footprint by up to 90%.

In our PAPER SOUL collection, we offer 3 mannequin poses- two with a female silhouette and one male mannequin. The mannequins can be finished with smooth, multi-layer eco-paper raffia, which emphasizes the character of the display, and standard glass fiber, which perfectly reproduces traditional high-quality mannequins.

The series of ecological mannequins available in our offer is developed with details and modern design in mind. Each eco mannequin has precise, perfectly balanced silhouette lines. Eco mannequins appear in both traditional and more avant-garde poses. Oval, smooth faces fully comply with the current trends of exposure. They are light and perfectly arranged. They have subtly elongated limbs, thanks to which each styling will be perfect.

In our company, each order stage is in line with eco trends. Our eco mannequins are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. All models are recyclable and reusable, and we guarantee that every order will be fulfilled in a flash.

More information about our sustainable production materials here.


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