Sitting female mannequin half-turned to the left. This relaxed, rebellious sitting position is great for all youth collections and mannequin compositions. The hips are slightly higher than the feet, to is requires a short stand. The feet are wida apart, directed to the middle, knees are put together. The torso is twisted to the left. The right hand is at the front straight, put horizontally on the left knee at the level of the forearm. The right hand is directed to the leftThe left hand elbow is bent and directed to the left. The forearm is lying on the left knee and the hand is directed to the right. In effect the arms are crossed in an original, loose and natural position. The shoulders are rounded, the head is twisted in a contrapose to the right. This female LOFT mannequin is a perfect model for frontal shop displays with multiple mannequins.


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Colourdark grey matt
Height94 cm / 37''
Bust91 cm / 36''
Waist66 cm / 26''
Hips93 cm / 37''

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