Sitting female abstract mannequin in frontal position. The mannequin represents a silhouette of a woman sitting on a chair in a relaxed, but powerful way. The right leg is facing the front, the knee is bent at right angle. The left foot is moved to the left, creating a nice diagonal line, which adds movement to the static figure. The knee is directed to the front. Torso is gently bent to the front and left, as if the mannequin would lean against the left thigh to have a better look at the shop clients. The arms are let loosely on the sides, the elbows are bent and the hands are joined in the middle, with the left hand over the right. This NEXT female mannequin position offers a nice exposition of upper torso as well as calves and feet. Although it’s a simple position, the asymmetrical details make it intriguing and eye-catching. The stool is sold separately.


£299.00 excl. tax


Data sheet

Colourgrey matt
Height132 cm / 53''
Bust85 cm / 33''
Waist66 cm / 26''
Hips93 cm / 37''

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