Sitting mannequin dedicated to display stands and platforms. The model is turned to the right, with the legs bent and curled up towards the torso. The back is straight, the left hand rests on the left hip. The head is turned to the left – towards the customer. The right hand rests on the knee, the hand is turned in the wrist towards the MISS COCO mannequin’s head with elegant pose of fingers. This silhouette is astounding magic of equilibrium. The carefully designed waight of the mannequin enables it to sit in place without falling to any side – the effect is spectacular. Great for young, alternative, rebellious collections as well as modern daily clothes.


£299.00 excl. tax


Data sheet

Colourwhite matt
Height117 cm / 46''
Bust80 cm / 31,5''
Waist62 cm / 24,5
Hips87 cm / 34''
Diameter of the base42 cm / 16,5''

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