A decorative female mannequin with a natural, upright silhouette will be a perfect display for high-class clothes. The female torso with a cut-out waist is covered with light cotton. The head is directed slightly upwards, which gives the mannequin a light and subtle character.

A distinguishing feature that will allow you to diversify any exhibition are wooden hands. You can freely arrange and turn them, arranging the display in various, avant-garde poses.

Decorative female mannequin is mounted on a steel frame, which you can find in our store's offer.

The photo shows the model with the ST-MH2-120 base.

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£255.00 excl. tax

Data sheet

Colouroff-white fabric
Height107 cm
Waist62 cm
Hips91 cm
Chest87 cm

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Decorative mannequin to match the style

Add avant-garde style to your collections by displaying the looks on retro mannequins - covered with fabric, without a plastic border. Traditional mannequins are associated with prestige. And this is the 120 collection, which you can additionally adapt to your own expectations. You can choose the way your mannequins are finished, from classic écru fabric to vintage styling and eco designs.

Ecology in the clothing brand

How to emphasize the eco style of your brand? Minimize the amount of plastic in your boutique. If you display high-class styling made of natural materials - do it on eco mannequins that are designed to reduce the carbon footprint. You have 3 options to choose from: corn and PET bottle mannequins, paper and rice mannequins, and corn and rice mannequins.

Mannequin for an exhibition or event

You need yesterday mannequins. We know perfectly well what are the terms on the market, which is why we care about the constant availability of your favourite projects. Ask for the availability of a decorative female mannequin.


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