A vintage mannequin with a wire head is a unique proposition that will appeal to a selected few - designers and boutique owners who really care about every little detail of their display.
The female torso with a modelled waist is covered with high-quality linen, on which each piece of clothing fits like a glove. Wooden hands allow a multitude of configurations. Every detail - the bend of the wrist, carved in wood, slender fingers - all this works for the perfect look of the styling we want to present.
The icing on the cake is an industrial, wire mannequin head. It is a distinguishing feature that will attract attention and emphasise the designer nature of your brand.
The photo shows the model with the ST-MH2-120 base.

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Colourgrey fabric
Height107 cm
Waist62 cm
Hips91 cm
Chest87 cm

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Vintage custom mannequin

You can order a vintage mannequin with a wire head with a subtle, feminine silhouette on a special frame or without it - depending on the creative vision of the planned exhibition. The same goes for the materials and the finish. In addition to the grey version you see in the photo, you can also order the vintage or écru option.

Avant-garde mannequin eco version

Do you want your brand to be perceived as ecological, in line with the framework of sustainable and fashion-conscious? Take care not only about the materials but also the details in your boutique. As one of the first on the market, we introduced ecological display mannequins, made of bio resin, rice paper, raffia fibres and PET bottles. If you want to know the design possibilities of eco mannequins - please contact us.

Display dummy - short delivery time

We perfectly understand the needs of the fashion industry. We know everyone has "emergencies" at times. That is why we make sure that the products needed "yesterday" can be found in our stock. Please feel free to write to us and ask for a short delivery time.


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