ONE MALE CLASSIC - Classic male mannequins

ONE MALE CLASSIC is a series of simple mannequins with minimalist poses. This collection was created due to customers' demand for classic, simple silhouettes. The standard colour of the collection is matte white. It is he who is responsible for the perfect display of each item of clothing. It goes well with both formal and casual clothing.

ONE MALE CLASSIC is a version of the ONE MALE collection, which perfectly fits the tastes of modern entrepreneurs and customers. Boutique owners will be pleased with the practicality of their equipment, and customers will have the opportunity to see how the clothes they choose look on a model silhouette. The classic men's mannequins from the ONE MALE CLASSIC collection are a great solution for anyone who expects and demands more from a mannequin. We offer high quality, masterful execution as well as refined details that make the product unique. Let yourself be enchanted and receive outstanding equipment for your boutique.


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