ONE MALE ABSTRACT - Abstract male mannequins

The ONE MALE ABSTRACT collection is the perfect match for men's casual clothing boutiques. The distinguishing feature of the series is the egg-shaped head with ears and simple, minimalist positions. The collection includes six items with different details. Each catches the eye with flawless workmanship. The available variants are distinguished by, for example, the spacing of the legs, the positioning of the head in a specific direction or the complete absence of it (headless). These small elements greatly influence the overall design of the mannequins. The men's mannequins from the ONE MALE ABSTRACT collection are made of glass fibre, which is characterised by high durability and reliability. The matte finish adds elegance to the silhouette, and the white makes it more universal. The lack of clear facial features is an advantage especially for boutiques offering clothes for everyday wear. The appearance of the mannequin does not match a specific type of beauty, thanks to which the selected outfit will interest a much wider audience.


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