Male mannequins

In our online shop you will find a wide range of high quality male mannequins in various styles and prices. They were made in different poses, so that each customer can easily match them to their store. We are flexible - we do not design for one particular customer. Our male mannequins are used for presentation of elegant and smart outfits, as well as for displaying casual clothes or clothes which are intended for the youth market. Our mannequins are made from strictly controlled, top quality materials – mostly fiberglass (fiber-reinforced plastic) with elements of wood, metal and cotton fabric.


Following in step with the latest trends, we present a wide selection of abstract male mannequins. Mannequins of this type are characterized by extended lines of the body, heads which resemble an egg, with lightly sketched faces or without faces at all. We have a vast choice of abstract lines, many of which coincide with women's and children's mannequins, so that you can create a cohesive collection to your store.

VALENTINO is an abstract collection of male mannequins that makes an ideal partner for our female collection MISS COCO. The man from this range has strength and charm. He is also an aesthete and gentleman.

NEXT is semi-abstract male mannequin which attracts attention with elegance, beautifully sculpted body line, as well as a distinct outline nose, lips and eyes. AEGON in the other hand is a line of mannequins designed for clients focused on style and elegance and also people who follow the latest trends in the field

LOFT stands for male youth, independence and freedom and is designed for street style clothing and youth market. OLD MODERN is a collection presenting a new understanding of vintage style. Mannequins from this line have various colours and are made of different materials with bendable and exchangeable body parts.

900 SERIES is a line of male mannequins for clients that are looking for a quality product and good price. But the SPECIAL EDITION of 900 SERIES is more extraordinary and boasts with all kinds of finishes. Ingenious combinations of materials, which reflect the latest VM trends, as well as their attractive prices make the male mannequins 900 SERIES SPECIAL EDITION simply irresistible.

910 SERIES is one of our most popular male mannequins, created from different materials. The articulated arms are made from real wood . The torso is covered with thick cotton fabric with fiberglass legs. But if you prefer simplicity, our ONE MALE CLASSIC and ONE MALE ABSTRACT are series of mannequins with minimalist poses, created for the needs of customers who want a classic silhouette perfect for casual boutiques.


Explore our exceptional male mannequins that have carved faces and hair. Mannequins of this type are characterized by elegance and subtlety. ROME is a collection of mannequins with classical approach in mind, which are ideal for stores offering classic outfits. If you are looking for male mannequins which will present your elegant and smart line of clothing, ROME collection is worth your consideration.


A characteristic feature of these mannequins is the absence of the head. The head in abstract or realistic style can distract attention of the client from the clothing - if you choose a mannequin without a head, nothing will dissipate his attention - it will count only the outfit.

STAGE is a collection of male headless mannequins. These men are dynamic and ideal for displaying a variety of fashion styles in any trend. For clients who are looking for mannequins in good price and quality we propose headless mannequins from new 700 COLLECTION. This product has met with huge interest to clients who are restricted by budget. Our ONE MALE HEADLESS collection is a series of simple mannequins with minimalist poses. The advantage of this collection is that we can quickly change mannequin from headless version to mannequin with abstract head. All you have to do is buy your head!

Male mannequins

Male mannequins - men's fashion displayed with attitude

In the rich offer of MORE Mannequins you will find male mannequins divided into specific collections, from sporty, to elegant, from universal to theme-specific. Whether classic suits, elegant shirts or sportswear - the models designed in different styles are perfectly suited for the presentation of all types of men's fashion. The shop window mannequins are available in static positions like standing or seated mannequins, as well as in dynamic poses like running or doing excercise.

Male mannequins from MORE Mannequins are made of durable fibreglass. In some collections, such as 910 or OLD MODERN, there are also elements made of wood or metal that give the mannequin a more traditional look. In the assortment you will find male mannequins in abstract and realistic version, with or without head, which allows you to arrange the shop scenery according to your vision. The mannequins from MORE Mannequins are available in matt and gloss finish, in standard white or different colours on request.

Male mannequins that make an impression

Great mannequins make your shop window tell a unique story and help shape the image of your brand. Therefore it is important to find mannequins that create a harmonious composition with the brand’s clothing as well as with the window scene. MORE Mannequins offers you a wide range of modern, high quality male mannequins in different styles for every fashion style and display type. The abstract OLD MODERN collection is ideal for young adults, who dare to try something new. A retro-futuristic mix of fibreglass, wood, metal and cotton works great with urban, modern and casual clothes.

Moving hands and arms enable to create a dynamic look and arrange interactions between mannequins. In the 700 and STAGE collections you will find realistic male mannequins with clearly marked body lines. The musculature gives the figures a very masculine look. The headless mannequins from these collections will draw your customers' attention specifically to the clothes. Male mannequins from the AEGON and NEXT lines are available in an abstract and realistic version, and are perfect for the presentation of suits and shirts. The highly demanded ONE MALE collection is perfect for casual and office fashion – a real bestseller among our male collections, thanks to the elegant one-pose signature look, which is makes a long lasting impression on the window display.