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Timeless like MAGNOLIA, classic like ROME

Since the Industrial Revolution, female mannequins have played an important role in the fashion business. However, how could clothing be better presented? Although most mannequins today are made of fiberglass, their manufacturers still have a lot of room to maneuver when it comes to design. Make-up or no make-up? With a wig or without? We present two collections that make clothes look good in different styles.

MAGNOLIA – Timeless beauty




Marilyn Monroe is said to have once said that true beauty is timeless. The realistic design, tender facial features and discreet make-up of the mannequins from the MAGNOLIA line radiate timeless feminine beauty. The mannequins seem to be deceptively similar to a real woman and fit perfectly e.g. to the retro style in which plissee, lace and ruff predominate. They can also easily be personalized by using different wigs and thus fall back on the traditional appearance of the first mannequins.

ROME – As if by magic




It was not without a reason that the collection was called ROME - the facial features and hair carved with great attention to detail look as if they had been carved by the hand of a famous Italian sculptor of the Renaissance. That is why mannequins from the ROME line are perfect for classic and elegant looks. So if you want to bring out an elegant office outfit, you have come to the right place.