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Inspired by diversity

The fashion industry has always dictated ideals of beauty. They have deviated from each other over the years, but one thing remains unchanged - people's striving for them. But is there another way?

Nike gives a good example

A month ago, the American sportswear manufacturer, Nike, caused a sensation by presenting new mannequins in its London Nike Store. The set up plus-sized and para-sport mannequins are as different as the customers - they have curves, some of them also imitate people with handicaps and thus deviate considerably from the athletic body. The company wanted to show that you can always feel good in your own body.


plus size mannequins mannequin plus size

Plus Size ManneqUins


But Nike is not a pioneer in this field. As early as 2013, the Swedish brand Åhléns introduced mannequins that show the female silhouette in the sense of the body positivity movement – despite the slim figure and body shaming. Thanks to the dolls in sizes from 12 to 18, the fashion brand not only received positive feedback from its customers, but also increased sales.

Inclusion in the fashion world

In the German-speaking world, too, the focus is on diversity and inclusion. The Swiss organisation Pro Infirmis caused a stir in 2013 thanks to the advertising campaign "Because who's perfect?”. In the shop window of a fashion store in Zurich, 5 mannequins - replicas of real people with disabilities - were set up, which astonished many passers-by.

Conclusion? Even leading brands follow the latest trends and thus contribute to inclusion and legitimacy in the big world of fashion.