New products

  • INDIVIDUAL REALISTIC Female Mannequins

    INDIVIDUAL – our newest collection is all about the body. It’s anatomic...

  • SPORT mannequins

    Our brand new collection of sports mannequins, fibreglass figures in dynamic poses....

  • STAGE Male mannequins

    STAGE is a collection of male headless mannequins. These men are dynamic and ideal for...

  • ONE MALE HEADLESS Male mannequins

    Our ONE MALE HEADLESS collection is a series of simple mannequins with minimalist...

  • ONE CLASSIC Female mannequins

    ONE - our new line of modern mannequins where simplicity is at its best. We designed...


Do you need the mannequin in a certain colour? We can do that in 5 working days.
Our painting and renovation team is here to help.

Each collection of ours mannequins is produced in a standard colour. However you can also order the mannequins in any colour you desire. Just tell us which colour (from RAL colour charts) you require and we will prepare the mannequins in your custom colour.
If you choose this option, please note that this service will take approximately 5 working days.

For this service the following extra charges apply (for 1 full body mannequin):

39 £ - for colour customised order in matt or gloss finish
78 £ - for colour customised order in special RAL finish

If you have any specific requirements, you would like a bespoke product designed (vintage finish, special graphics etc.), please let us know.
We quote the price individually for you.

Renovation Services

We sell only high quality products. However, each mannequin after many years of begin used, need some care and attention.
Our customers have the option to send the mannequin back to us, and we will renovate it for you.
We quote the price individually for you.