About MORE Mannequins

Welcome to the MORE Mannequins website, which is an online shop with the biggest stock of mannequins available.

We are a new company, although some of our team members and founders have been working in the mannequin industry for more than 10 years. Attention to details that extends through everything we do - from the very stylish to the very practical - distinguishes us.

Every item in our collection offers something special in terms of look and feel. We specialise in all kinds of mannequins (female, male, children) and forms (abstract, sculpted, natural, vintage, realistic and more). Our product portfolio reflects the present trends in mannequins and visual merchandising.

We are committed to the highest quality standards. Our products are made in selected factories in the Far East and Central Europe. Before we ship the mannequins to you, they are carefully checked by our quality control team.

Work for many years in this industry has taught us the importance of quick availability and delivery of the products. To meet this demand, we constantly have stocks of over 4,000 mannequins in one of our production facilities in Central Europe. MORE Mannequins prides itself on second-to-none customer service. Our goal is to deliver the perfect mannequin for your shop.