INDIVIDUAL Female Mannequin NPD11-LS Female mannequin in asymmetric, frontal position. The left leg is straight and directed to the front. The right leg is opened to the right and the knee is bent, as if the mannequins was about to make a step to the right. The waist and torso are straight and facing the front. The right arm is hanging loosely on the side of the body. The left arm is bent in the elbow and raised to the chin. The outer side of the hand is visible from the front. The fingers are straight and beautifully shaped to underline the unique feminity and charm of this INDIVIDUAL female mannequin. The head is facing the front, but it is gently tilted to the left side and to the raised hand. The figure is delicate and intriguing, the head-to-hand gesture gives it an emotional touch, a mysterious story.

Great for solo and mirror compositions, works with modern, street smart casual fashion as well as romantic, feminine gowns and evening dresses. The leg turns attention to the bottom part, to it is good for exposing trousers, skirts and other bottom pieces of clothing.


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Colourpale skin
Height192 cm / 75,5"
Bust82 cm / 32"
Waist61 cm / 24"
Hips88,5 cm / 35"

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