IN TOUCH Male mannequin

The lightweight male mannequin from the IN TOUCH collection is distinguished by its quality and the highest class of workmanship. The silhouette is set in a relaxed, model pose. One of the hands is placed near the collarbone. The figure is standing firmly on its right leg. The left leg is slightly bent at the knee. The mannequin has smooth, flowing lines. It impresses with the perfect proportions of the figure, which will allow you to present your collection in an aesthetic and creative way on display or inside a boutique.

The ITM2 model will work both in group creations and in the form of a single display. The face of the character is smooth and abstract but nevertheless perfectly captures emotions - a relaxed figure of a modern man who is relaxed and understands his strengths well.

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£365.00 excl. tax

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Height194,5 cm
Waist73,5 cm
Hips88 cm

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LIGHTNESS - The keynote of the IN TOUCH collection

The IN TOUCH collection stands out from the crowd with its weight. A lightweight male mannequin will facilitate your daily work when arranging an exhibition or event. You can easily move it or transport it to any place. It weighs approximately 5kg, with standard mannequins weighing twice as much (approximately 10kg).

Elegant fiberglass

Do you want to emphasise the quality of the collection? Pay attention to details - especially if you plan to arrange an exhibition or display in a store. The lightweight ITM2 male mannequin is made of fibreglass with an extremely elegant and subtle appearance. The material is durable (combines glass and polyester), light and extremely delicate in reception. Thanks to the openings, it will enable interesting, artistic arrangements with the use of light and shadow.

Mannequin for exhibition - delivery

If you need the quick delivery of mannequins for a show, event or exhibition the please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a manufacturer of fibreglass mannequins. If a given mannequin is in-stock, we can send it to you in express delivery mode.

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