IN TOUCH Male mannequin

A male mannequin in an artistic pose from the IN TOUCH collection will allow you to design an exhibition in a modern style, which will not only be a collection presentation but a specific form of art with a creative overtone.

The ITM1 mannequin shows the male figure in a slightly tilted position, with the head and one hand pointing to the side. The character is stopped in motion. It can be a reflection of the human figure during a discussion or showing something that is behind our character's back. Such a fancy, non-standard design of mannequin will allow you to come up with a number of creative arrangements that will distinguish your exhibition from competing brands.

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£365.00 excl. tax

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Height194,5 cm
Waist73,5 cm
Hips88 cm

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LIGHTNESS - The keynote of the IN TOUCH collection

The artistic pose of the male mannequin is distinguished by its light character. Both in reception and in reality. The ITM1 dummy is half the weight of classic displays. It weighs just 5kg, with standard mannequins weighing up to 10kg. Importantly, its silhouette is extremely stable, allowing for easy and quick display configurations - depending on the needs of your brand.


Playing with form and light

The material of the ITM1 dummy enables creative play with light. The delicate clearance will allow you to emphasise the selected part of the body, focusing on individual elements of the styling. This unusual feature, rarely found on the market, will allow you to create an exhibition that will be a unique representation of your collection - both during the day and at night.


Artistic Mannequin - Delivery

A male mannequin in an artistic pose can be delivered to your boutique in an ultra-short time. As a manufacturer of display mannequins, we know perfectly well the needs of the fashion industry. We are even able to deliver some projects overnight. All you have to do is ask about the availability of selected models.

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