INDIVIDUAL Female Mannequin NPD7-LS Walking female mannequin in asymmetrical position. The movement is directed to the left. The left leg is making a step to the front, the right leg is left far at the back. The knees are straight. The mannequin’s torso is half-turned to the left, which gives it a unique, exciting perspective. The left arm is straight and hidden at the back. The right arm is bent with the hand close to the face with a charming vogue-like position inspired by the classic super model poses. The head is turned to the right, thus is is tooking to the front.

A very liquid, gentle position, with lots of magic and delicate beauty in itself, like a fairy would pass you on the steet. Suited for modern, feminine clothes, street fashion and evening collections.


£379.00 excl. tax

Data sheet

Colourpale skin
Height192 cm / 75,5"
Bust82 cm / 32"
Waist61 cm / 24"
Hips88,5 cm / 35"


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