INDIVIDUAL Female Mannequin NPD4-LS Standing female mannequin in frontal position. The pose is symmetrical and minimalistic and its simplicity underlines the beauty of lines and smoothness of shapes. The legs are straight, directed to the front. The waist and torso are straight directed to the front. The shoulders are on equal level, the arms hang naturally on both sides of the body. The hands are beautifully stylized, the long finders are shaped like wings which gives the INDIVIDUAL female mannequin a dreamy, angelic expression. The head is straight and looking to the front.

The pose is full of grace and feminity, it’s simplicity makes it a truly universal element of every display for every kind of modern, feminine elegant and casual fashion.


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Data sheet

Colourpale skin
Height192 cm / 75,5"
Bust82 cm / 32"
Waist61 cm / 24"
Hips88,5 cm / 35"


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