INDIVIDUAL Female Mannequin NPD3-LS Female standing mannequin in a walking position. The position is dynamic and asymmetrical. The mannequin is turned to the left, butt the head is looking to the front. The left leg is taking a step to the front, the right leg is left at the back. The hips and torso are all turned to the side. The arms are straight and at the back of the INDIVIDUAL female mannequin, in a symmetrical position. The head is gently turned to the right, which result in the mannequin looking at as to the front side.

A beautiful position stylized as “street style” photos, the mannequin looks as if we were passing a stylish person on the street. Great for bigger composition, double and mirror displays.


£379.00 excl. tax

Data sheet

Colourpale skin
Height192 cm / 75,5"
Bust82 cm / 32"
Waist61 cm / 24"
Hips88,5 cm / 35"


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