INDIVIDUAL Female Mannequin NPD2-LS Standing female position, directed to the front. The pose is static and symmetrical, with a dynamic base in form of wide standing legs. The knees are straight, the feet are directed to the front. The torso is straight and directed to the front, as well as the waistline and shoulders. The arms are loosely hanging on both sides of the INDIVIDUAL female mannequin. The hands are gently tilted to the sides, adding grace and feminity to the pose. The head is gently turned to the left.

The figure is a mixture of gentleness and force, expressed perfectly the character of a modern woman. Presents great standing solo.


£379.00 excl. tax

Data sheet

Colourpale skin
Height192 cm / 75,5"
Bust82 cm / 32"
Waist61 cm / 24"
Hips88,5 cm / 35"


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