ICON is a unique collection inspired by the idea of ultra femininity and universal beauty of woman shapes and lines. The gestures performed by Hollywood divas from the 20's and 30's of XIX century were the base for making a premium collection for special clothes and special display windows. Sophisticated in style, bold like the world of high fashion, ICON turns a shop display into theatre of gestures, a glamourous sceene where the centrerpiece is the body as art. The scultpure-like geometry of lines and body arches was made with multiple compositions in mind. The bold gestures build narratives between mannequins and let you turn your window display into art.

Female mannequin with three head options: semi-realistic (CLASSIC), abstract with ear lines (ABSTRACT) and abstract with eyebrow lines (on request). The body is in abstract form, the whole figure is made from fibreglass.The set includes: mannequin, round glass base with calf fitting, gloves and corrective paint.The product can be made in any colour and the final result can be either in matt or gloss finish.