CLASSIC MODERN Female mannequin

The designer display mannequin is created for displays that go beyond the standards of fashion and imagination. Feminine, upright silhouette combines several noble materials. The abstract head and shoulders are made of high-quality wood. The silhouette is stationary, it only allows you to configure the position of the arms and hands. The grey, matte legs are made of fibreglass. The female torso is covered with a natural ecru-colored cotton fabric, which favours the presentation of modern clothing. A design mannequin shows the entire female figure. The set includes a steel base, thanks to which the display will be stable, regardless of the circumstances.

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£455.00 excl. tax

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Height180 cm / 71''
Bust85 cm / 33,5''
Waist62 cm / 24,5''
Hips85 cm / 33,5''

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Design female mannequin

Smooth, raw wood and natural fabric fully define the vintage style. The ATF-W8-WH design precisely combines modern lines with a hint of classic. It refers to traditional tailor's mannequins, which presented hand-woven clothing with a full dose of sophistication. The design female mannequin allows for a wide range of customisation. Most of the elements can be adapted to the individual style of your boutique, concept store or exhibition room.

Female eco mannequin

You can order mannequins from the CLASSIC MODERN collection in an ecological version, which will emphasise your brand's contribution to sustainable fashion. Natural raw materials: paper, raffia fibers, bio resin and recycled materials have an aesthetic finish and can be reused in the future.

Exhibition Mannequins - Fast Delivery

As a manufacturer of full-body mannequins, we can offer you short delivery times for some models. This is important, especially if you organise events, shows or open a new boutique. Ask for the availability of the ATF-W8-WH.


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