CLASSIC MODERN Female mannequin

How to emphasise the beauty of a woman's styling?
What to do to give the site a modern, stylish character?

Designing the perfect exhibition in a boutique is not only about choosing the right clothes. By presenting clothing on luxurious display mannequins, you will make the site gain a completely extraordinary character. The secret is in the details. And the ATF-W3 decorative mannequin reflects this idea. We have combined three precious raw materials: natural wood, cotton fabric and matte glass fibers.

The silhouette of the female mannequin is brought into a photographic position. The legs are crossed, the waist is bent into a subtle arch and the head is positioned slightly downwards. The mannequin's wooden hands are finely finished. We can change the position of both arms and hands, adjusting the final appearance of the exhibition to the individual vision.

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£375.00 excl. tax

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Height180 cm / 71''
Bust85 cm / 33,5''
Waist62 cm / 24,5''
Hips85 cm / 33,5''

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Female decorative mannequin - full silhouette

A standing decorative mannequin in a photographic pose is a proposal for brands that want to emphasise the modern nature of their brand. High-quality raw materials demonstrate a passion for classics and precision. The avant-garde face, without clear lines, gives the mannequins an artistic expression. The entire CLASSIC MODERN series enables a wide range of customisation - from the choice of materials and colours to changing positions.

Plastic-free mannequin

How to reduce plastic while leading a fashion brand? Count on displays made of natural raw materials. Plastic-free mannequins are the future. Models from the CLASSIC MODERN series can be made of natural fibres, raw paper, rice glue and bio resin. The exhibition is a great place to showcase your brand values ​​and highlight its contribution to sustainable, ecological fashion.

Modern decorative mannequin - delivery

We know the realities of running boutiques, concept stores and department stores. We know how important your time is, therefore, as one of the few on the market, we offer express delivery time for decorative mannequins. Ask for the availability of selected models.


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