CLASSIC MODERN Female mannequin

Standing female mannequin in a front position. The legs are standing wide apart, creating a confident, powerful and attention-grabbing pose. The knees are straight, the feet are directed outwards. The bottom part is full of strength and energy. It’s a perfect model for displaying bottom parts of clothing: pants, shorts, skirts, long socks or jeans. The hips and torso is straight, the shoulders are in one line. The arms are bendable and can be arranged any way you like. Our proposition is to put one hand on the hip, to make harmony with the wide bottom part. The head can be looking to the front or to the side. The legs are made of fiberglass, painted in white color. The torso is covered with cotton material in grey. The head in this unique model is made of black wire. The movable arms and hands of this CLASSIC MODERN female mannequin are made of light-brown natural wood.


£375.00 excl. tax

Data sheet

Height180 cm / 71''
Bust85 cm / 33,5''
Waist62 cm / 24,5''
Hips85 cm / 33,5''


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