CLASSIC MODERN Female mannequin

Female mannequin in a standing position, directed to the front. The right leg is straight, keeping the bodyweight. The left leg is gently bent in the knee and the knee is directed inward. The feet are symmetrical and directed to the front. The bent left knee creates a contrapose in the form of a right hip pushed to the outside. This detail makes the whole position look graceful and elastic. The torso is straight and in line with the shoulders, neck and head. The arms are bendable and you can arrange hem any way you want. The head is looking straight to the front. The legs are made of fiberglass, painted in graphite color. The torso and head are covered with grey cotton material. The movable arms and hands of this CLASSIC MODERN female mannequin are made of dark-brown natural wood.


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Data sheet

Height180 cm / 71''
Bust85 cm / 33,5''
Waist62 cm / 24,5''
Hips85 cm / 33,5''

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