ONE CLASSIC Female mannequin

Female mannequin in standing position, directed to the front. Geometry of lines, simplicity and minimalist aesthetic – this is the essence of ONE CLASSIC. The ONE CLASSIC female mannequin is a new type of figure - a perfect proposition for minimalistic, modern display windows which look like art galleries. The figure is simple and symmetrical from heads to toes. The legs of this CLASSIC ONE mannequin are straight and standing together, the knees and toes are directed to the front. The hips and torso is straight, the shoulders are in one line. The arms are in symmetrical position – they go down along the body, close to the sides. The elbows are straight. The wrists are straight and the hands are situated vertically in a powerful yet, neutral position. The head is straight, looking to the front. The simple yet beautiful figures are designed to take out the best of the clothes they wear. The gestures are limited to the arms and the differences between the mannequins are only in the arm position.

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Colourwhite matt
Height180 cm / 5.9 feet
Waist64 cm / 25''
Hips86 cm / 33.5''
Chest86 cm / 33.5''

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Semi-abstract collection, created with good taste and classic shapes in mind. Simplicity at its best. Carefully designed gestures and poses make the mannequins interact with each other so that they can form a coherent group display.
We designed ONE for the clients who like a fresh, neat look on their display. Models from this collection have a single body position, however you can transform their look by only changing their arms. Standard colour is white matt.

Colour white matt
Height 180 cm / 5,9 feet
Waist 64 cm / 25''
Hips 86 cm / 33,5''
Chest 86 cm / 33,5''

Female mannequin made from fibreglass. The set includes: mannequin, glass base with calf rod, gloves and corrective paint. New! Now you can purchase additional arms from the collection to your ONE mannequins. 

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