AEGON Female mannequin

Female, standing mannequin in frontal position, looking to the left. The body weight lays on the right leg, which is straight and the foot is directed to the front. The right hip is raised up underlining the waistline, and the right hand is touching the hip. The left leg is more delicate and moved to the left, the hip is directed downwards. The hip asymmetry creates a beautiful movement in the torso, with the bottom part of mannequin tilted to the right and upper – straight and upwards. The left arm is let loosely in front of the AEGON female mannequin and the hand is situated near the left thigh. The twisted waistline contrasts with the straight, harmonious upper torso, the equally leveled shoulders and frontally directed chest.

This model is great on its own as well as in a group – the head has potential of interaction either with the customers or with other figures. The silhouette is confident and powerful, yet charming and gentle – all that expresses a modern woman’s wardrobe, either it’s business clothing or casual, modern streetwear.


£305.00 excl. tax

Data sheet

Colourwhite matt
Height180 cm / 71''
Bust88 cm / 34,5
Waist63 cm / 25''
Hips89 cm / 35''

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