AEGON Female mannequin

Abstract, standing female mannequin in half-frontal position. The position is slightly turned to the right. The legs are standing wide, the left leg is straight and positioned at the back, the right leg is bent in the knee and situated a step to the front, slightly to the right.

The feet of the female AEGON mannequin are half-turned to the right, exposing calves and thighs in a nice way. The torso is part is half-turned to the right, the shoulders are even. The arm position in asymmetric – the left arm is bent in the elbow and holds the hip, which beautifully underlines the waistline and pushes the chest to the front, turning attention to the upper part of the torso. The right arm is hanging naturally in the front of the mannequin. The head is half-turned to the left, creating a nice dynamic of this rather static pose – although the body is turned to the right, the abstract head is looking at the other direction. This gives vast possibilities of composition and interaction with other mannequins.

The AEGON 03 position is classic and universal, great to display both lower and upper parts of the wardrobe. It works well with classic casuals and contemporary fashion.


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Colourwhite matt
Height180 cm / 71''
Bust88 cm / 34,5''
Waist63 cm / 25''
Hips89 cm / 35''

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