AEGON Female mannequin

Standing, symmetrical female mannequin in front position.

The legs are straight, feet directed to the front. The bodyweight is moved to the right leg, the bottom part of the silhouette is slightly bent towards the right side. The right hip is pushed to the right, the left is a but hidden, which creates a very nice dynamic around the waistline, underlined by the presence of hands. The torso is straight and frontal, the shoulders are in line, and the hands are positioned symmetrically on the hips. The arms are bent in the elbows, the elbows are pointing to the sides, creating nice geometry of the AEGON female mannequin. The head is half-turned to the left, which makes the whole position ready to interact with other mannequins to the left side.

The position in simple and classic, full of charm and grace. Although it may seem static, it has a nice dynamic which makes it interesting and reactive. Great for smart clothes and casual fashion collections. Can be displayed solo as well as in composition.


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Data sheet

Colourwhite matt
Height180 cm / 71''
Bust88 cm / 34,5''
Waist63 cm / 25''
Hips89 cm / 35''

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