Female mannequins

We have a wide range of female mannequins: abstract, sculpted, headless and realistic. The collection is created to work great with displays and themes or different types. We offer models that express or surpass current trends as well as timeless, classic designs. Mannequins that fit perfectly with modern youthful brands as well as with elegant, premium clothing.

Our mannequins are created from high quality materials only: mostly fiberglass of many types and textures, with elements made of wood or covered with cotton fabrics. Our products are usually available in two colors (white and black) but on request we can produce them in any other colour. You may also customize our mannequins by choosing mat or gloss finish. We are glad to help you select and perfect female mannequins which addresses your needs.


Our online shop offers a wide selection of female mannequins for every target, placement and purpose. They are available in different shapes, poses and different materials. We have the biggest choice of abstract mannequins, which characterize by an extended lines of the body and expressive edges.

MISS COCO is full of charm, finesse and magic. She is a stylish lady who strives to reach the top but at the same time is very feminine. Women from our NEXT collection have a beautifully sculpted body line, as well as featuring a distinct outline nose, lips and eyes. AEGON is a line of mannequins where perfection and clarity is accomplished with designed simplicity in mind.

Our LOFT collection stands for female youth, independence and freedom. Ideally LOFT suits the display of street style clothing, directed at the youth market. On the other hand OLD MODERN is a collection with new understanding of Vintage style.

900 SERIES is a line of female mannequins for clients that are looking for a quality product and good price. In addition, ingenious combinations of materials, which reflect the latest VM trends, as well as their attractive prices make the mannequins 900 SERIES SPECIAL EDITION simply irresistible. 910 SERIES is an unique female mannequin created from different materials: the articulated arms are made from real wood, while the torso is covered with thick cotton fabric and fiberglass legs finished in matt white.

ONE CLASSIC is a line of modern mannequins where simplicity is at its best. The alternative ONE ABSTRACT collection is perfect for casual boutiques. BUTTERFLY mannequins are characterized by the elongated neck and a tilted head in a gesture of thoughtfulness which gives them girlish charm.


Our sculpted female mannequins are characterized by the fact that faces and hair of the mannequins are carved - they almost look like statues. We created a special collection of this model which we called ROME

– to underline the classical approach which we had in mind when designing them. ROME collection would ideally suit shops and department stores which specialise in selling classic, chic and elegant clothing.


Headless mannequins are very universal and timeless, because the head does not distract the customer – clothes are the main focus here. You can choose STAGE – a dynamic collection of female headless mannequins ideal for displaying a variety of fashion styles in any trend. For clients who are looking for mannequins in good price and quality we propose the hugely popular COLLECTION 700. Our ONE HEADLESS collection is a series of simple mannequins with minimalist poses.

The advantage of this collection is that we can quickly change mannequin from headless version to mannequin with abstract head. All you have to do is buy a head!


REALISTIC mannequins are making a big comeback into the retail world, and we address this trend with our MAGNOLIA line. With this collection we brought back the feeling of realism into the mannequins, which will satisfy all the needs of our more demanding customers. Colouring of the skin of this female mannequins comes in different shades - from pale to tanned skin. You can choose from several styles of make-up, and the wig is necessary to complete the natural look of this female mannequin and make it ideal to display the elegant and classic clothing lines.

Female mannequins

Female mannequins – HER story for every shop window


MORE Mannequins offers a wide range of original female mannequin collections in different styles: from artistic and feminine through young and contemporary to classic and even retro. Mannequins come in two main forms: abstract and realistic.

Those with and egg-head, prolonged or simplified body lines look abstract and give the clothing a modern touch, while mannequins with precise anatomy, visible muscles and sculpted faces imitate people and thus give a realistic impression. You may choose still figures or wooden arms which are easy to move, materials range from fibreglass to cotton, metal and special personalized fabrics made on demand.

Depending on the mannequin, you can highlight different features of your fashion collection - individual character, flawless elegance, futuristic touch or a retro note. The female mannequins from MORE Mannequins are distinguished by the high quality fibreglass they are made of, which ensures a long life of the product. Different poses of the mannequins give a wide choice for group and solo arrangement and will let you show a fascinating story on your window display or shop isle.

Female mannequins that elevate your products

Each collection of our female mannequins gives a different message to your customers depending on style, poses and the materials it is made of. The elegant side of your collection will be perfectly highlighted by our best-selling ONE FEMALE collection. With its minimalistic, one-pose figures and different, exchangeable arm settings, it makes a shop window look like a hip art gallery, and your fashion – like modern urban art.

The OLD MODERN collection, on the other hand, lets you combine the contemporary style of your fashion collection with a vintage touch. By mixing different materials in one mannequin - fibreglass, metal, fabric and wood, OLD MODERN creates a fresh, futuristic look attractive to young adults. You can also create the finest top-shelf look with the help of the female mannequins from the ICON line.

Inspired by the silhouettes of the style icons of the 20s and 30s of the last century, these mannequins add expression and a sophisticated aura to every premium fashion line. But if you are looking for universal mannequins that look great in various fashion styles, the STAGE line will be the best choice. The headless mannequins made of fibreglass have beautifully realistic body lines that draw customer's attention to the clothes.