CLASSIC MODERN Female mannequin

Sitting female mannequin half-turned to the left. The feet are wide apart, the toes are turned to the middle. The knees are joined together, with the right knee slightly below the left one. The thighs are together, the torso is gently tilted to the left. This movement highlights the nice line of waist on the right side. The torso is directed to the front, the back is rounded, which makes the position look relaxed and natural. The left shoulder is higher than the right one. The arms are adjustable and can be arranged in any way you like. The head is turned to the left and looking up, which is a hint to use this mannequin in multiple displays combined with standing mannequins. The legs are made of fiberglass, painted in graphite color. The torso and head are covered with grey cotton material. The movable arms and hands of this CLASSIC MODERN female mannequin are made of dark-brown natural wood.


£315.00 excl. tax

Data sheet

Height130 cm
Bust83 cm
Waist64 cm
Hips93 cm

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