Kids mannequins

We have a large selection of kids mannequins in various poses, colors and styles. Our collection of kids mannequins in all sizes will suit the needs of any company that presents clothing for children in different ages.

Our kids mannequins are made of first-class quality fiberglass, in some collections also with elements of light wood or cotton covering. On request you can also order mat, velvet or glossy versions in classic white, black or in variety of colors. You can choose from a variety of poses – standing, lying or sitting kids mannequins that match with any interior store and present clothing intended for children of all ages - from youngsters to teenagers. Below you will find an overview of our kids collections, suited to your various needs. Choose the one that will best fit to your store!


AEGON KIDS is a collection of abstract children mannequins, with an oval, neutral head, perfect for displaying in the sales room thanks to different sizes and poses for multiple arrangements. COCO KIDS is a semi-abstract line, full of mischief and charm. Mannequins have their faces lightly sketched, which enables creative designs and painting faces.

NEXT KIDS is a line of semi - abstract children mannequins, where the distinguishing feature is the face, which has a distinct outlines of nose, lips and eyes. Abstract collection 810 with oval heads is perfect for displaying family groups of mannequins, because of a rich choice of mannequin sizes from adults to small children. Collection 800 is a line of seven headless mannequins perfect for dynamic poses and putting focus on the displayed clothes.


ROME KIDS is a collection of classic sculpted mannequins with regular faces and carved hair. ROME is a line with classical approach in mind. If you are looking for kids mannequins that will perfectly present elegant and smart clothing, ROME collection is worth your consideration.

The most realistic of our collections is YOUNGSTERS – it’s also the only line with nude color in standard. Mannequins from Kids collection look almost like real children. Skin-color shade, realistic faces and matching real-life wigs make the YOUNGSTERS models look authentic and relatable. The look can be changed according to your taste and needs thanks to adjustable accessories.


OLD MODERN KIDS TORSOS is a collection presenting a new retro style. Mannequins from this line have various colours and are made of different materials with bendable and exchangeable body parts.

The collection offers kids torsos in 4 different positions. The hands are made from real wood, and a layer of varnish is applied. What makes this collection stand out are hands which can be bended, turned and adjusted in all the directions. In addition the fiberglass torso is covered with natural cotton fabric.

Kids mannequins