In this section you will find elements that help you customize your mannequins and shop displays and make them as close as possible to your vision. This process not only includes your desired color and pose, but also the corresponding accessories. Apart from stands and platforms that fit all of our mannequins, torsos and displays, our range of accessories also includes eyelashes and wigs in a wide variety of colors and styles – we can also help you design them according to your ideas in our in-house wig workshop & make up studio.

Fashion must-haves

When it comes to female mannequins, eyelashes and hair are incredibly important. Without them, the face has a clinical expression that looks rather sober. With the play of eyelashes, hairstyle and hair color the faces become warmer and more appealing, especially because they reflect the zeitgeist and current trends. What’s important, our accessories for mannequins are very practical – they can be used with multiple products from our brand, washed and re-used.

Lust for lashes

Regular display changing is a must, and eyelashes are one the easiest ways to transform a look - with a bit of imagination, artificial eyelashes can change the mannequin face in seconds.

The eyelashes can be attached and re-attached to other mannequins if necessary – they are designed to be reusable.

Wigs Wanted

A perfect wig can be regarded as the final touch that gives the desired mannequin look, or as a changeable feature. Wigs from our series have very modern cuts. Available in many colors and hair lengths as well as custom-made in by our hair professionals in our in-house wig studio.

Our hairstyles are interchangeable and made of high quality synthetic hair - durable and sturdy synthetic fibers that can be cleaned when needed. The wigs are an addition to the stylization not only for Realistic but also Abstract lines of mannequins.


To sit or to stand?

Our mannequin accessories are more than wigs and eyelashes - we also offer a wide choice of matching stands and seats for shop displays. We have height-adjustable stands in black and chrome, fitted to our mannequin torsos, heads, hands and whole mannequins.

The other option to introduce different heights into your display is by using metal stools - they are perfect for the mannequins in sitting positions.